keeping it real

May 24, 2011 at 12:09 pm (choice, family, friends, gratitude, joy, living, optimism)

while trying to stay optimistically realistic I have noticed how easy it is to slip over the line out of realistic.  the medication I stopped has not had time to make any real changes and yet I find myself watching and thinking how long since I felt this way or that way.

talking to my sister last night really helped. she was very supportive and reminded me that I know my body and am smart enough to make this choice. how lucky can one person be? I have so many people who support this decision and believe in me. I am a little annoyed with myself for not fighting for this sooner. when I spoke to my cardiologist in november 2010 and he said no, I wish I had been more pro-active. what matters is I am making that choice now. ask yourself if there are choices you could be making now for a better life? are you living your best life? if not, don’t be discouraged about the past, look forward and ask yourself what you really need to be happy. not what you need to be rich or famous or even in love, ask what you need to be happy. the answer may surprise you. as another psychologist said, it doesn’t take money to solve a money problem. this is one truth I wish people could hear and understand. money will not make you happy if you are not a happy person to begin with. no doubt we need enough to meet our basic needs, but when did basic needs become so vast and expensive? remember when people had one car? some people didn’t even have one! wow imagine that! we have become a nation of consumers and overly concerned with things rather than people.

my son-in-law told me one day that his kids ( my adorable grandchildren) did not seem to be affected by the downturn in the economy. this really caught me off-balance, my response was to say his children are not dependent on the things he can or cannot provide for them. his children are “recession proof” and I wish for more children their parents would provide this lesson. bill does things with his children. that simple. his children are fed and clothed and best of all loved. they spend time with their dad who could say as many do they are too busy working. Kristen and bill take their kids to events and tailgate with friends, camp out in the back yard and make smores. these are the important things that make them and their children “happy” people.

when I hear about the tornado’s and the victims it breaks my heart. one woman returned to her home and it was to the ground but at that moment someone found her cat and she was smiling. she was happy in that moment that she had her cat. that made her happy, those are the moments we need to remember. I can remember the day I had a heart attack, went in to multi-system failure or I can remember that Chris was by my side, that my family cared and friends came to see me. I got to go home and that was a truly happy moment. today I was thinking and remembered that it was 19 yrs ago on my birthday that I first laid eyes on Chris. still brings a smile to my face. I can choose to see the house razed to the ground or that my cat is safe.

some pessimists think optimists are silly and I can understand that. as an optimist I think pessimists are sad people who have been disappointed with life. I think we need a new label, let’s be optimistic realists! let’s be real that things are not always going to work out the way we want but never stop hoping that they will.


  1. rei said,

    i admire people like you! thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  2. Paula Ray Broadaway said,

    Beautifully said my friend!

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