we are so much more than our bodies

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we have all heard the saying “my body is my temple” and yet what that really means can be very different for different people.  recently someone asked me where my home was. this is to most people a question of where were you raised/born or spent the early years of your life.  my answer was a bit confusing to our friend, it was on her face and clearly not what she was expecting to hear.  my home is where my love is.  my love is my husband and when we are together we are each others home.  doesn’t matter the geographical location, those are just places and places are what we decide they are. 

today I was reading a blog by psychevida, it began with  a beautiful picture of a place we have seen before.  it is majestic, beyond beautiful and leaves us in awe of the world we live in.  she goes on to ask “Where might I find the modern spaces which can replenish and sustain my dehydrated spirit?  Those filled with the grace, joy and tranquility upon which my real life is dependent?  Where do you find yours?”  the answer for me is in my heart.  which I have to give some thought to here.  if my physical heart is damaged, literally dying then I am grateful for my spiritual heart.  for years this has been a process to connect my scientific mind with my spirit self.  when the body fails us it is a comfort to know that we are so much more than the organs, blood and skin that contain us.  my heart is struggling, my heart has never been stronger.  the physical heart wants to rest, wants to slow down and prepare for its last beat.  the spiritual heart feels stronger than ever and is so full of joy and love I wonder how it can exist in such a small space. 

going to a physical space that reminds you who you are and how to connect with the spirit that lives in you is one way to be restored.  gratefully time has taught me that gift lies within myself.  friends have said they like the atmosphere of our home, that it feels warm, relaxing and inviting.  that has come from both the conscious choice not to allow chaos in our space and honor that this space is our retreat from the outside world.  we also choose to be that space for each other and to create that space again within ourselves.  the phrase “peace of mind” is often used, however, I feel it is more a peace of heart.  if you are at peace in your heart it does not matter what is going on around you.  there is peace in my heart and I am blessed to have found that before my other heart dies. 

lately I have been reading other blogs and admire their eloquence.  i am not such a writer, I write now for my spirit.  the scientific me knows all this is quite literally in my head, all these feelings and the joy are products of my brain.  or is it?  we are so much more than our bodies, so when our bodies fail we are still whole, it is when the spirit is broken that we are failed.

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