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first a little darling husband is ADD. one of the traits being poor impulse control.   at times he can be so impulsive that we have a rule that we agreed to pretty early in our marriage.  any expenditure over a certain amount must be given a 24 hour thinking it over period.  this morning he was having his coffee and chit-chatting with me.

the conversation went like this-

chris- it is cool out this morning.

me- wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had screens on the windows so we could open them and get some fresh air?

chris- well we could measure and order some.

me- we have been measuring ever since we moved in to this house.  (feb 08)

chris- then maybe we should go ahead and do it.

me- i worry when you are so impulsive.

now go back to may of 2004, just a couple of months before moving to georgia.  it actually started in 1994 when we started living together.  i noticed the motorcycle in the garage was covered in cobwebs and had both tires flat.

me- i think it is time to sell the motorcycle. it doesn’t make sense to pay to ship it to georgia.

him- this is so sudden!  ( he  actually said this with a straight face)

me- i don’t call 10 yrs sudden my dear.

him- i may decide to ride it some day.

me- you have not ridden it in over 10 yrs.  i am glad to see that you are working on your impulse control.  i am very proud of you. now get the bike fixed and sell it please.

one day we were going through some boxes in the garage. this was a couple of years after moving in together.

son- what are these chris?

chris- my old uniforms.

son- why do you save them?

the next words were delivered with straight face.  chris was in the army around the time i was born so they are a bit out of date and of course the sleeves come up near his elbows and they won’t button.

chris- if i get called back to duty i may need to bring my own uniforms.

as chris never looks up from his task-

son- mom is he kidding?

me- i am not so sure.

we have a similar sense of humor and that is so important in a relationship.  he still knows how to make me laugh and that is priceless.  it has only been 4 and 1/2 yrs so he may not be ready for those screens yet.  he has worked very diligently on his impulse control and i don’t want to be the one who pushes him off the wagon so to speak.




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