it is what it is and it is good

October 6, 2012 at 3:39 am (death, death with dignity, dying, gratitude, how does it feel to die, living with dying) (, , , , )

while searching the internet i came upon this post, unfortunately he did pass on and yet he left us all these words.  sometimes words are all we have, then we don’t even have them….

If I have eight months to live, there is a lot of fun to be had. Once I am too sick or tired, I can watch movies, read books and have friends over. When I become too weak for that, I can enjoy the peace of our sweet home and the hugs of my wife. Not a bad way to spend the rest of my life.

My mantra of “it is what it is” means more to me now than ever. Regretting anything left undone would be a waste of time and energy. I will enjoy what is left.  LEE LIPSENTHAL, M.D

just this afternoon my love and i were discussing this topic.  he had asked me how i was and my reply was the standard “fine.”  he looked at me and said “you are a lot of things but you are not fine.”  at the time i was almost lying in my recliner. it was a hard day so we were here just hanging and talking.  lots of times when i am feeling pain it helps to think of all the comforts in my life and how happy i am.  not that it eliminates the pain completely but it really helps me.  one of the great things about us is we really get each other.  that is one of the best gifts we can receive.

when i reply that i  may not be fine in the literal sense yet i am fine with my life.  what better place to die than here?  who better to have at my side during this adventure?  i am sad and happy all at once that he will not be with me on my next adventure.  we will have to do the hardest thing two people in love ever have to do, we will have to let go.  we have held each others hands for 20 yrs.  it has been a good 20 yrs.  life is good.


  1. jmgoyder said,

    Oh I can’t bear it.

    • sbcallahan said,

      oh jules it is not a bad thing at all! i have entered this new phase and have to say life is good even now. to sit here with the cats on my lap and my amazing man by my side. i am happy with my life and know from my years of seeing patients that many people are not so lucky. what i have learned, and am sure you know, we can bear what we have to. sometimes i feel guilty that my life is so content.

      • jmgoyder said,

        You are unique – your message and approach to life and death is inspiring to say the least.

      • sbcallahan said,

        this really means a lot to me!

  2. appletonavenue said,

    A beautiful post. My mantra also is “it is what it is.”

    • sbcallahan said,

      funny this has been my mantra most of my life so to read that someone else gets that is wonderful! glad you liked the post and i really appreciate that you take the time to comment.

  3. tersiaburger said,

    Thinking of you today (again) and hoping you have a good day.

    • sbcallahan said,

      thank you tersia! we had a great day and went for a drive to see the leaves changing in mountains near our home. as you know even going for a ride can be exhausting but i am so glad i was able to go. this next phase is different and like he said i will adjust and be grateful for every moment. i think of you and yours often.

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