all this and lupus too?

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going to make this one short but will be back later.  so i went to the dr. today and yes i had a minor stroke also known as a TIA.  as we are going over symptoms and some that have lingered for close to a year without much success in getting them under control.  he looks at me and says “i hate to do this but I am pretty sure you have lupus.  we are just going to add some lab work and go from there.”  ok.  i am being scheduled for some different scans to see what my current state of affairs is and now a few more for lupus.

the strange thing is ….. as he was telling me i might have lupus….. i felt like laughing. seriously, i thought …. sure why not lupus?  bring it on buddy i can take it.  so i am going to take a nap and hope for snow.  there won’t be much if any but if i can have lupus on top of all the other stuff maybe i can have some snow.  that seems fair.


  1. terry1954 said,

    sorry to hear this my friend. it doesn’t seem fair to me but then I don’t think life is fair. I hate what my brother has to go through and I don’t think it is fair either, but it does make me stronger, i can say this

    • sbcallahan said,

      i don’t think i have ever thought of whether life is fair or not. it comes from my grandmother and she was the original “it is what it is” woman. many people have so much worse going on in thier life and i am blessed.

      • terry1954 said,

        I was not brought up with that phrase. I was always brought up with the whys of life. I am now learning to accept that things happen for reasons, and that I am becoming stronger as a person for going through these trials of life. thanks for a great comment

      • sbcallahan said,

        as i got older i did want to know more of the why’s but as i got older i understood some things just are and i am ok with that. glad you are able to appreciate your challenges.

  2. Michelle said,

    Seriously, doctor? My keyboard has been working intermittently(sp?) but I have been reading your blogs, after not seeing you on fb in a while. Tried to send messages w/o success…I really do somewhat understand … I have a laundry list of things wrong with me, too. One thing I know is how frustrating it is! You’re the luckiest girl in the world to have Chris han with you, doing whatever, or doing nothing, and I know you appreciate him. Take care & I’ll be waiting to hear more.

    • sbcallahan said,

      yep, seriously! i knew this was a possibility but i guess i thought if i didn’t say it out loud it wouldn’t be true. would love to see you, let me know what you got shakin:) yes i am very fortunate to have chris in my life. guess that is one reason i feel like i can’t complain too much.

  3. jmgoyder said,

    I can’t believe it!

    • sbcallahan said,

      it does sound like a bad joke but there you are:)

      • jmgoyder said,

        I still cannot believe it – I have no words to describe how I feel for you. I want to swear!

      • sbcallahan said,

        oh please this is laughable! telling a woman with a terminal heart condition that she has lupus? wow, really, they have to do better than that:)

  4. Laurie said,

    As long as you’re hoping for snow, please send some to me, in Southern California..
    I’d like to friend you on facebook, but i don’t know who you are. Would you friend me?; you have my name.
    And, for the record: Life is not fair, it’s mostly Chance — Luck: good and bad. Yes, i am cynical, but, always, realistic. So, i was kidding about the snow. But i do hope you get some.

    • sbcallahan said,

      i loved southern california! it would be great to friend on facebook, i don’t have your name(full) either. you can email me at

      for the record i have never wasted time or energy on this concept of fair.

  5. Angie, also known as "YS" :) said,

    Unbelievable. Well…it could be worse. He could have told you that you’re pregnant 🙂
    I truly hope they have a treatment option that’s a bit gentle on you. Love you.

    • sbcallahan said,

      i have to laugh at this. think about it i have a terminal heart condition and you think this is going to… what? make me afraid? angry? you got do better than lupus for that:) nothing is going to stop my trip to san francisco!

  6. appletonavenue said,

    I love your attitude. I don’t believe I would react quite the same way. I understand, though, the idea that after dealing with “this”, “that” doesn’t seem so bad. It’s all perspective. Best of luck to you in dealing with this new challenge. Hope 2013 is a great one.

    • sbcallahan said,

      none of us know how we would react under these circumstances until they happen. sounds odd but i am sort of over this whole dying thing. not to tempt fate but there is a part of me that just says is this it? are you done now?

  7. Karen Williams said,

    Think of you often. Miss seeing you on Facebook. Tell Chris I said hello. I’ve tried to get in touch several times.

    • sbcallahan said,

      i guess you dropped me on facebook, i am still there and would be happy to be friends again. i think of you all often and wonder how jim, jared and you are doing. the last i heard you were happy in florida and i hope you remain so. told chris and he said to tell you hi and send best wishes.

      • Karen Williams said,

        No I thought you dropped me. What’s your fb name ?

      • sbcallahan said,

        it’s still sandra callahan. i will send a request to you just in case. i would never drop you!

  8. tersiaburger said,

    I want to reach out and just hug you! Nobody deserves the cards you have been dealt!

    • sbcallahan said,

      luckily many of the symptoms for lupus are the same as congestive heart failure. ahh the rub is no one deserves to suffer and yet we all do. you suffer now although vic doesn’t anymore. julie suffers and does her ants. and so many others. others that i am sure don’t deserve it. i can’t think of it that way. i fear to do so would make me bitter. i will happily take the hug and send one back to you!

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