when to use the emergency room

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as someone who has experience on the inside of the emergency room (er) it goes against my inner compass to actually use the er.  i always preferred air-evac, however, there were occasions when i had to cover the er.  when in germany i was in-charge of the er and ambulance platoon.

we pulled duty for 48 on 48 off while i was in germany.  our clinic was about an hour and a half from our kaserne.  the way it worked was i would report to duty at the main unit by 6 a.m.   we would then check on the ambulances we were taking with us, and head out an hour later.  once there i would check the ambulances leaving to see what supplies they had used during their 48 hours.  next we would get the sick call going for soldiers that had already been seen by their medic but now needed to see me, or one of our p.a.’s    one of which was usually drunk and the other usually hanging out in frankfurt hoping to be attached to the 97th med there.

once this was done we held clinics for various categories. by the afternoon things were quiet and that was a good time to catch up on record keeping and searching for answers to medical questions we had.  labs were run and x-rays read.  then we could sit a bit around 6p.m.  some of us did our p.t. which was usually running a few miles.  a quick shower and we would prepare for the stream of young mother’s who would often wake their children to bring them in to us.  after a few months i realized this correlated to the men being out “in the field.”  during this time these young mother’s would become anxious about the tiniest worry.

this story is already much longer than i intended but i will try to wrap it up before you feel you must walk away, of course that is unless you have already walked away:)  jump ahead i started the well-baby clinic along with some other clinics that got the women out with their babies and meeting other women with their babies.  since i was there for 2 full days and nights we got to know these women pretty well.  most of them used the er inappropriately.  even in the er’s in hospitals on large bases we saw too many people who took our time and resources for non-emergency purposes.

here i am though ready to use the er for those same inappropriate reasons.  i have shared about my need for the transfusion. i have shared my hospitalization and the frustration that i did not receive said transfusion.  at this point my best options are

1) follow the dr trail and hope that the next dr i see april 11 th will, after some invasive tests, decide to give me the needed transfusion.

2) i go to the er in a nearby town, we have a home over there so we pay taxes there, and get myself admitted so i can fast track the transfusion.  i know if the dr’s run my labs they will see my hemoglobin and iron levels. no dr in an er will let me leave without giving me a transfusion.

option 3 is i go for the option 1 first, then if that fails i will head on over for option 2.  guess i will be taking option 3.

what i do know is i am grateful for options. grateful for er’s. grateful for all the experiences i have had that lead me to this point.  many people do not have the choices i have and i am sorry for that.  i know i will do my best to take care of the things i can, understanding and accepting that there are many things out of my influence.  for now i will do, within reason, what i need to in order to stay here a bit longer.  there is a line and there are things i will not do.  i love my family and friends but know they would not want me to go further if it isn’t right for me.

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