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so let me start by saying this will be short as i am in the hospital and i fear typing with an iffy iv line.

a few weeks ago i decided to look for a new cardiologist. no complaints about my previous cardio guy but the hospital he had privileges at is a distance from our small town in addition to being in a highly congested area. my poor love had gotten lost the last time i was admitted, it is a massive configuration of concrete and glass. if you didn’t have heart failure when you got there you certainly would by the time you found where you were going.

yesterday i saw the new local cardiologist and i immediately knew he was the “guy.” he ordered blood work and a couple of other tests. everything was in one smaller more manageable space. lab work completed we headed for a bite and back to the “love nest.” at 5 p.m. the phone rings and it is the new cardio. he gets right to the point, i need to be admitted to the hospital. “you have two choices, go to rome or the local hospital.” it took me a moment to grasp that he was not saying my choices were hospital or handle it outpatient. he gave me the numbers and i knew my only choice was to be admitted as he was advising.

now you might think, how sad. certainly going to the hospital is not an event to celebrate. or is it?

every person i have come in to contact with has given me the gift of their kindness and genuine care. i am so grateful tonight for the friends who are going to read this and care. you have no reason to but you do. wow! how lucky am i?

my family is loving and have been with me through this journey. they support me in the way i need supporting. my friend flower (her hippy name) came by after working her shift and brought me my favorite food, grilled cheese with tomato on it:) she also brought soup and blackberry cobbler!! knowing how dearly he loves the cobbler i saved it for him.

there was a choice today, as there is every day for each one of us. my veins were not cooperating and at a certain point i stopped counting how many people had stuck me how many times to get this iv going. the goal was get that baby started and each attempt was just leading to the moment that needle went in and the fluid started running.

to all the staff at Cartersville Medical Center i want to let you know your kindness made a difference and was valued deeply. to the drs at Harbin Clinic in Cartersville, Georgia i can’t stop smiling. i know i have found a team that i can turn these problems over to and trust that you will care. Dr. Patel (cardiologist) took the time, even though his day was officially over, to look at those lab results, taking the time to call me and give me the support and confidence i needed to actually allow myself to receive this care. Dr. Ishaque is my kidney guy now and again i felt an instant rapport.

how lucky am i that the timing allowed me to experience all these beautiful, hardworking, caring health care givers.

of course i have my running shoes just in case we don’t agree on my being discharged tomorrow:) did you really think i was going to let them keep me?? i am shaking my head and saying to you, ” you don’t know me at all, but you will if you want to.”

so this is longer than i intended and i want to thank you again for the love and support. to angie, heather, kristen and rita……. you know how i feel about you. to my friends i just rejoice in the gift of your wondrous spirit and your acceptance of me for who i am.

IT’S STILL BEATING!!!! and that’s an amazing, miraculous, and wondrous thing.


  1. prenin said,

    Glad the pump is still running – hope all goes well my friend and that you get your running shoes on soon! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs my friend!!! 🙂


  2. jmgoyder said,

    Your attitude and humour continue to amaze and inspire me – you are a one-off, Sandra. Much love to you xxxx

    • s blake callahan said,

      not sure what a one-off is but i would guess if it means a little off as in nutty, you are so right!

      big warm hugs and love to you my friend.

  3. Al said,

    Always knew you were a smart lady. Get everything stabilized and get thee home. As you and I both know, hospitals are a not a good place to stay unless you have no other choice and you have one whether the docs know it or not. I’ll write you again and fill you in what is happening on my end.

    • s blake callahan said,

      you are so right Al! no way i am staying there one minute more than i have to. hospitals are not places to get well, it seems initially not bad, they run tests during that period. once they have done that it seems to go down hill:) i was home by friday afternoon.

      look forward to hearing what you are up to and how you doing.

  4. Syl said,

    I’ll keep the car running…..Never doubted you’d dash! Lots of love and hugs to you.

  5. Judy said,

    Well, I know you have your “running shoes” on to take off if you choose to. I think of this not as “running away,” but more as running in a different direction. It’s all about being able to choose, isn’t it? This sounds like a difficult hurdle, but I’m hoping you’ll be home soon and feeling better. Sandra, you have an amazing heart in SO MANY WAYS!

    • s blake callahan said,

      i am very good at making the choice to leave when i think it best. i have watched, over the years, too many people give up their power to drs (including myself). any way i was out of there by friday afternoon, no good can come from being there on the weekend:)

      looking forward to an update from you

  6. Terry said,

    I hope my comment here finds you home and feeling better. Hugs

  7. maggiebea said,

    I so appreciate your caring attention to the feelings of the medics who care for you, as well as to loving friends and family. It is being such an honor to know you through this strange intimately distant medium. May your treatment be useful and may you still be with your Love as long as you choose to. Sending you plenty of love, light and laughter in case you can use it.

    • s blake callahan said,

      love, light and laughter are the things that keep me happy and moving forward. it is interesting the few, what i consider true friendships, that i have been privileged to make here. it may be strange but i find it fascinating how we still sort of “know” those who would be friends if we met in person.

      i send you warm hugs, wishes for peace of heart and my gratitude for this gift you have given me

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