on your mark, get ready and get the heck outta here!

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last week i spent a few days in the hospital.  here are a few clips from this visit-

emergency room (where i was sent from my cardiologist)

er doctor: after seeing your bloodwork and speaking to your dr we want to admit you to the hospital so we can run further tests and get you stabilized.

me: i understand. first i would need to know how long this would take along with what type of tests are going to be run.

er dr (with a hint of surprise): well we would do our best to have you out in a few days. it would all depend on the results of your results.

me: my concern is that i not be here beyond friday. i will agree to be admitted, however, i would point out that i am wearing my running shoes.

before i was even out of the er, waiting for a bed and transport upstairs, my first test was run. so i guess they are taking this running shoes thing seriously.


fast forward to friday. fairly early i spoke to my guy and told him there was no need to come until i called him to pick me up to come home.  just the day before i was able to see my cardiologist, he is the dr who had called and wanted me to be admitted. after a few tests were run he was ok with me being discharged, but wait, first the nephrologist needed to be the one to do the deed.

friday morning the jovial dr i came in to see me.  my numbers were better even though not normal.  he agreed that staying longer would not change my situation.  he stood beside my bed and said “your kidneys are thinning and scarred.”  i sort of waved that aside and said i knew that so why not just go home.  dr i is a very pleasant man and i look forward to working with him.  what happened next proves the guy can work with me.  after this brief exchange i said “so are you going to sign my discharge orders now or after lunch?” it was by now nearly noon.  he was moving toward the door and i knew i had to act fast. he turned to face me and said the hospitalist had to write the discharge order.  the hospitalist is the dr at the hospital who coordinates a patients care. as he is moving i say “no, no, no, dr patel told me it was up to you.” he smiled, threw up his hands in surrender then said “ok, so i’ll make the call.”

within 20 minutes the lovely hospitalist arrived and the deal was sealed.  i made the call home and waited a bit less patiently than i would like looking back on the day.  it took longer to have the iv removed and the nurse to go over my discharge instructions.  we were offered lunch but declined. i’m sure anyone can understand why we would prefer food that actually has taste versus the unrecognizable stuff fed to the ill.

the moral of the story? set your boundaries and don’t be intimidated when you are sitting on a bed with a gown that is open in the back.  we all want to think that the dr.’s have our best interest at heart, we trust the hospital and their staff.  i am not saying don’t trust, however, don’t blindly trust while ignoring your own instincts.

tomorrow i have an appt to see my new nephrologist.  he is a jovial man, i think we are going to get along splendidly.



  1. Terry said,

    I am thrilled you went home when you wanted to and that you always stand up for yourself no matter the circumstances. I believe that we know our bodies sometimes better than anyone with a name tag on. Anyways, so glad you are back home. Big hugs

    • s blake callahan said,

      for too many years i never opened my mouth to “authority” figures but now i realize that i have to in order to get what i need and even deserve. guess that is why i am such an advocate for others to do the same!

      • Terry said,

        I am glad you are like you are. Many take advantage of people. It needs to be stopped

  2. jmgoyder said,

    You are absolutely bloody brilliant, Sandra!

  3. prenin said,

    Sounds good Sandy! 🙂

    Hopefully things will continue to improve medically speaking, but it is often said that doctors make the worst patients! 😉

    Love and huge hugs! 🙂


    • s blake callahan said,

      oh Ian we do make bad patients as far as other doctors think! that is because we are informed consumers and ask too many questions. i know it sort of bothers some when i am pro-active with my care but i would encourage everyone to be more assertive when it comes to your medical care. of course i don’t know how that would work in other countries??

      we know i am not going to improve, that doesn’t mean i’ll get worse today either:)

      sending love and big warm hugs to you my friend

  4. Suz said,

    You go! You really are funny.

  5. Judy said,

    I love the idea that your doctor is jovial – that’s a wonderful quality. Amazing that with such serious issues going on, you can see the humor. I’m with you on that and in agreement about the hospital food, too! It’s the last “straw!” (Tastes like that LOL)

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