House of Cards

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we are watching a political show named House of Cards.  the main characters are kevin spacey, who plays a senator from South Carolina. he is married to Robin Wright who is the director of a non-profit agency to bring water to people in 3rd world countries. this is a couple willing to do anything to get what they want. we are sharing our perception  of this fictional couple.  we decide they are “driven.”

chris: what drives you?

me: you tell me….

chris: i guess it is your core values and wanting to do good when you can.  you are one of the most……. (fill in a lot of flattering words).

me: do you really think those are the reasons i get up every day? i am no saint and you know it better than anyone.

chris: i have never met anyone so blah blah blah…

me: i’m going to ask again, what do you think drives me?

chris: love for your family, friends, the cats……… and me.

me:  at this stage i would have no reason to get up, get dressed, take a shower, take all the pills, if it weren’t for the love of one man…. that would be you.  you have to know that.  i have love for all and it starts with you.

chris: i know i am a part of the reason….

me:  honey it all starts with you.  now let’s get back to our show and just enjoy them for who they are and be happy that we don’t treat each other the way they do.  i will expect full disclosure on what drives you and it better be good:)

don’t tell him but i completely adore him!

how lucky am i?? bring on that stage 4 kidney failure!!  i got this….


  1. jmgoyder said,

    Love the dialogue! Coincidentally someone recommended House of Cards to me the other day so I am going to get it to watch with Anthony. We are in sync! xxxxx

    • s blake callahan said,

      our daughter heather recommended it to us and now we are hooked!! since angie has been here we are catching her up on it. we are in sync in many ways my friend:) love and hugs

  2. prenin said,

    Ain’t true love wonderful! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs to ya both my friends!!! 🙂


    • s blake callahan said,

      we kissed a lot of frogs before we found true love:)

      love and big warm hugs to you our friend!

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