all the time in the world and no time at all

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after being out of the room for a few minutes i am greeted with –

him: your doctor just called.

me:  and…..

him: he said your lab work is back.  your potassium is high and he wants you to go to the emergency room.

me: ok, well what else did he say?

him: just that you need to go to the emergency room.

me: well that’s not happening.

he is concerned and wants to know why not.  i laugh and say all the right things.  it is a waste of time and resources.  i have an appointment with the nephrologist on friday after all.  high levels of potassium are related to kidney failure and heart failure.  going to the e.r. won’t change anything, this cannot be fixed.  if going to the hospital would put my health back to normal then i would be on the road to the closest e.r.

my sister has been out and comes in with lots of information from a camping/hiking class she has attended.  earlier on the phone she told me she had some exciting news.  once in the door she asks and i tell her we want to hear her news first.  she tells us about some news that she is indeed very excited about and asks about our excitement.  i laugh and say it wasn’t really exciting,  after hearing what the dr said she asks what we are going to do.  i give her a quick run down and she looks to him while asking how he feels about my not going in.  if i could love either of them more it would be at this moment.  he says he trusts my decision, believing me to be an informed patient (i hate that word) he agrees with my logic.

later she asks me more about going in and all i can say is #1 – there is nothing being an inpatient would change. #2 we are way too busy for this, tomorrow is her birthday and i am not going to spend it in the hospital.  wednesday we are getting our hair done, i am seeing way too much gray! thursday is bridge for chris and i enjoy going to dinner afterward with players who meet each thursday after their game.  friday he has poker and she is going to a concert with h.  saturday he leaves for charleston and i know he won’t go and do any of these things if i am either in the hospital or seem “ill” to him.

there is a saying, and i paraphrase here, it is regarding how we think we have all the time in the world and that is our problem in life.  i understand this and feel blessed to know that my time is limited.  it makes life all the sweeter.  as i see it in some ways we have all the time in this world.  no need to rush, enjoy life. stop and smell the roses as they say.  for me time has gone all too fast, i will not waste it with visits to the hospital.  i will eat cake (birthday), get this hair dyed, have dinner with our friends and best of all? i will spend each moment living, loving and laughing! what could be better than that?

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