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if you have been reading my posts you know that we had a party yesterday celebrating life.  it was interesting to me the number of people who prior to and at the party asked what we were celebrating.  many had already asked and been told we were just celebrating life. yet they pressed to know what we were “really” celebrating.

when did we stop or did we ever start celebrating life?   not just an event but our actual gift of life is worthy of celebrating.  yes we celebrate an individual birthday but just taking the time to recognize how amazing this gift is and acknowledging our gratitude.  it is more common to celebrate an event or milestone,  i just hope that those who have a full life expectation are able to appreciate and show that love of life.  don’t wait until it is being taken away from you to say thank you for this gift.  never forget that it can be taken away as easy as it was given.

we had a wonderful time yesterday and there was a very wide range of friends and family.  of course my sister is here from san francisco, heather was there (she is his daughter and my step-friend) and our relationship can be difficult to explain in just a few words.  we have some younger friends, they are late 20’s to early 30’s. then we have people my age and then others who are his age or older.  my good friend paula was there with 2 of her daughter’s, 2 of her grandchildren and her son-in-law.  another couple with 3 children attended. all the kids were so well-behaved, they were able to go out to the pool and 2 of the teenagers kept an eye out along with some adults.  the youngest was ely at just under 2.  he was just running about and having a great time.  everyone fell in love with him.

the time flew and i felt like i wanted to spend more personal time with special people but it wasn’t possible.  one of my friends wanted to be there but couldn’t so i am hoping to see her soon, right michelle?  everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even the ones who wanted to know what we were “really” celebrating:)

i will confide to you that i had angina pain that became so intense i could barely breathe.  at times like this i sought out my friend julia.  she is my daily inspiration.  with serious health issues of her own she still shows concern for others. she just does what she needs to do and doesn’t make a big deal of it.  when you see this petite woman with her oxygen, which is almost as big as she is, you are not prepared for the no-nonsense woman she is.  she is so kind and caring, she is just a great human being.  my sister keeps me laughing and though i know she has a soft spot it doesn’t slow her down when it comes to me:)  she shows concern without going into that annoying -oh this is so awful.   she knows i hate it and so does she.

by the end of the day i could barely think,  lucky for me, angie and heather jumped in and made a lot of decisions that needed to be made, they put things away and made sure our stuff got back to the house.  all in all it was a great day and honestly if i had dropped dead at the last moment there would be no regret.  my sister and heather were already wearing black, just like the girl scouts, always be prepared.

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