the dr. says and how to die in georgia

August 20, 2012 at 6:19 pm (ask the doctor, how does it feel to die, the dr. says) (, , )

last week i had to go to the dr.  this is a trip i have been trying  to postpone as long as possible.  finally my body could no longer be ignored so off to his office i went.

first observation- you missed your last appointment.  the rebel in me wants to say “no i didn’t miss it at all.”

second observation- i don’t worry too much about you as you know more than the average patient.

third observation- you have more fluid retention than i would like.  me- then it is more than i would like too. it is however congestive heart failure.

last observation- we need to do lab work, i have some concerns.   me(thinking) i will have more lab work when hell freezes over.

he is a new grandfather so i ask about pics and he is more than happy to oblige.  i remark how much happier he looks since leaving his previous group and joining this new one.  he shares how much weight he has lost, sleeps better and just feels better in general.  this is good news.  a happy dr. is like most of us, the happier the better we do in life and work.  i have come to care about him and know we have a great relationship.  neither of us would ever cross that line and take care to let each other know where that line is.

ling on my lap relaxing. one more reason to go ahead and have that lab work done.  i have too many reasons not to go ahead and let them stick me and wait for whatever news it brings. maybe i am wrong, maybe  my kidneys are fine.  maybe i will have many more evenings sitting with one of the kitty’s on lap.

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