April 18, 2011 at 2:38 pm (choice, family, friends, humor, joy)

if asked what is the one thing can I do for someone who is terminally ill, my answer would have to be have a sense of humor! come on people do you really think we can get through this and not lose our mind without some humor?

Chris and I had dinner with a couple of very special friends and the adorable baby g. L is in law enforcement and had to respond to a very dangerous situation yesterday. there was an explosion at a battery recycling facility so of course the police, the fire department, and who knows what other agencies were involved. so she calls her friend who happens to be at work and is the mother of the adorable g to bring her water. then she realized just what a dangerous situation this was and called back to say don’t come. without thinking about it I said you should have called me, not like I have to worry about being exposed to something toxic:) this is where I expected a smile and got a very different kind of look. it could have been that she was bone tired and in my mind this was a little light humor. I miss that, I miss being able to say what is on my mind and the kind of thing people used to laugh with me about has now become somehow in bad taste.

I was in the military at a very young age, saw things that as our present day soldiers know, no one should have to see. working with clients that had abused others or been abused. patients that sat across from me and I knew the horrendous acts they had committed. even my life as a child was not the kind of life I would wish on another child. As so many others, I have come through all these things with a sense of humor and compassion for my fellow human beings. now I am privileged to know what many don’t. I know that I will not grow old and each day could be the last. I need to laugh and for the people around me that I care about to laugh with me.

In one of my other notes I mentioned wanting to do for others and some without knowing maybe have given me that gift. one friend has been sick and finally asked me to bring her some basic comforts. I think she didn’t ask before since she has mentioned feeling weak if she complains about something to me when I have such a serious issue to live with. Chris and I have talked about this on several occasions. he feels he shouldn’t complain when he knows his discomfort is temporary. that is hard for me since I do not see the relevance. do we not all suffer and is there (if we look around) always someone “worse” off than we are? my pain does not diminish yours. I still have the ability to feel for others and hope I will to the end. one friend said a few days after we had been together that she felt like we had spent the whole time talking about her and next time we wouldn’t do that. OUCH! it was her time to be cared for and as her friend I want to be able to offer that.

My heart will stop beating some day soon, that is a fact. My heart will love and care for others until that day. so please laugh with me and let me care for you. it is what makes me ….. me


  1. Paula Ray Broadaway said,

    And your friend thanks you for the items of comfort you brought to me. 🙂 I knew you would come as you always have. Especially for my peppermint tea. Something I have become more fond of as time goes by. Strangely enough also was something at one time I wouldnt have even tried.
    As with the tea, you never know how you may like something till you try it. So yes folks lets try a little more humor.
    Now as soon as I began to read the sentence that because of the danger you should have been the one to go, I began to laugh. I knew exactly what you were thinking before I finished the sentence.
    I agree with you humor through this timing is as important as comfort, love, support, and wisdom. But the humor and laughter I am learning to be more and more grateful for through your eyes.
    Yes I am still feeling like I have been run over by a truck but am very grateful sharing the evening chuckle my friend.

  2. Vernia said,

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